Consulus appoints Ar. Kuan Chee Yung as the new Global Head of Place Innovation to transform places through innovative and impact-focused methods that regenerate nature, promote wellness and grow resilient communities

Nov 4, 2022 | PlaceCORE, Press Release

SINGAPORE, 4th November 2022 – Ar. Kuan Chee Yung joins Consulus Global as the Global Head of Place Innovation.

Ar. Kuan Chee Yung has more than 26 years of experience in urban, architectural, interior and landscape design, project implementation, construction, development branding and experience design. He is a Green Mark Accredited Professional and currently in the SGBC Standing Committee GMAP/GMAAP Accreditation and leads in studies of Biophilic, Wellness & Sustainable Design. 

He will spearhead Consulus’ Place Innovation practice focused on transforming places through integrating placemaking with innovative aspects like Smart Infrastructure, Creative Community Building, Resilient Ecosystems Building, Rebranding & Restructuring of Places to achieve higher value. 

“I am happy to welcome Chee Yung to the Consulus Global Family. With Chee Yung’s sensitivity to the culture and identities of each place and community, this is definitely another milestone for our PlaceCORE solution to become a stronger means for each place and each destination to preserve that richness of its own culture and identity and for property developers to showcase that abundance to the world while addressing the needs of climate change”, said Helena Pham, Global Chairman of Consulus Global Network. 

Ar. Chee Yung will helm Consulus’ PlaceCORE practice, where he will develop new solutions and capabilities in place innovation and community development.

“I have worked with Consulus on many memorable occasions as a Lead Designer for PlaceCORE projects and speaker for their future thinking events, and I am now pleased to join the entire Consulus network in shaping a better world. I believe Consulus’s purposeful foundation-building and unified way towards co-creating solutions is a positive step forward in a world stressed by climate change and social upheavals. Such moments require a clear mind, empathy, understanding and calm purpose to grow trust while we grow trees & develop improved spaces to address needs and changes. Similarly, PlaceCORE will transform with the introduction of biophilic design & robust data-empowered experience design into the PlaceCORE process. I look forward to bringing unique solutions globally for maximum impact and influence.” said Ar. Chee Yung, the new Global Head of Place Innovation.

About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation by design firm serving leaders, companies, and cities in their transformation to shape a better world. Consulus believes that a culture of purpose and unity is essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Consulus is present in 16 other nations throughout the world. Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion business network.

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