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The Columnist is a quarterly online news channel that promotes global ideas and perspectives to shape a united world towards one of purpose and unity. It reaches out to about 300,000 leaders and professionals, in political, civil and business fields.  Personalities and institutions who have been featured here include: Mr Masaaki Kanai, President of MUJI, Religions for PeaceMr Paul Finch, Program director of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), Project Syndicate. 


Every issue we cover the following topics:


  • Commerce – Business, organisation profile and opinion
  • Civilisation – Technology, innovation, power, social profile and opinion
  • Creativity – Design, arts and cultural profile and opinion
  • Case Study – Showcase of organisations and places seeking to make a difference from the inside-out

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Past issues

The Columnist | Issue 44 | Special Edition: 7th World Company Day

Each year, World Company Day – August 15 – marks the anniversary of the birth of the global movement calling companies to serve a higher purpose and commit to shaping a better world together.  For this year’s World Company Day, we continue to reflect on the 2019 Shape...

The Columnist | Issue 42 | December 2018 | Reflections of Thanksgiving

We are filled with gratitude as we mark an extraordinary year. At the same time, we know that there is much to do in shaping an inclusive and sustainable Industry 4.0. But we are grateful that we have a growing network of friends who share our mission. Thank you for...

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Pennacchi: no Brasil, há 50 anos um grupo empresarial se esforça para servir bem a seus clientes e steakholders, ajudar a sociedade civil e preservar o meio ambiente.

Read in English. Normalmente se diz que um grupo empresarial é forte por sua solidez e ampla atuação no mercado. Há 50 anos, Pennacchi é reconhecido também por isso, mas sobretudo pelos valores que defende, e por apoiar projetos sociais. O Grupo atua nos segmentos de...

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