A creative license for parenting in a different age

Is it possible to make parenting easier? For many years, Eric Lim worked in the IT industry. But when he was in his 30s, he felt that the life he lived did not align with the vision he had for himself or his family.  In 2004, when Eric became a parent, he had to...

Never lost in translation

How Freddy Nicolas turned setbacks and stumbling blocks into a mission-driven business Steps away from the bustling Trevi Fountain, its travertine stone gleaming in the Rome sunshine, and into a quiet and shaded courtyard, is a modest language school responsible for...

Adapting to Global Business Exigency: Unlocking the Potential of Interfaith and Intercultural Innovation

by Dr Farha Iman and Lawrence Chong  The rapid rise of generative AI has been used positively. However, increasingly divisive actors have weaponized AI to generate deep fakes, which has promoted prejudice and misperceptions about faith and culture.  The...

Navigating Asia’s Green Revolution: The Business Imperative Post-COP28

by Clara Kwan The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Dubai, was a significant global event with far-reaching implications, particularly for Asia. As a region facing unique environmental and...

Eu Chin Fen: “A powerful leader is actually a vulnerable leader”

How the CEO of a legacy hospitality group is rethinking what business, and leadership mean IN the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eu Chin Fen was among many of the business leaders battling multiple crises at once.  The deadly virus had sickened countless people...

The struggle to build movements for sustainability

by Clara Kwan, Global Head for Sustainability and Impact Investment at Consulus Unless we live under a rock or intentionally close our eyes and ears, there is compelling evidence that the world (both the environment and the community) is struggling from the years of...

Learn a holistic approach to leadership with IU Executive Education

Image: Christy Shepard (L), Stellamaris Mulaeh (C), and Susan Sears (R) attended IU Executive Education’s Holistic Leadership Series. Originally published on IUPUI by Leslie Wells It was 6 p.m. in Kenya when Stellamaris Mulaeh logged on to her computer. Even though...

What would a ‘Corporate Vaccine for Resilience’ look like?

Download Whitepaper (PDF) COVID-19: The Great Disruption No one was prepared when COVID-19 shut the world down. While the focus has been on personal and public healthcare, COVID-19 has certainly also changed global business forever. From workplace cultures to business...

A Complex and Volatile World Calls for a Different Kind of Leadership Development

  Written by: Sara Johnson, Jim Funk, Lawrence Chong   Today, a leader deals with far more information and decisions in an hour than a leader 25 years ago. Thanks to technology, we have more resources to do things with immediacy but not enough time to...

The Columnist | Issue 44 | Special Edition: 7th World Company Day

Each year, World Company Day – August 15 – marks the anniversary of the birth of the global movement calling companies to serve a higher purpose and commit to shaping a better world together.  For this year’s World Company Day, we continue to reflect on the 2019...

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Pennacchi: no Brasil, há 50 anos um grupo empresarial se esforça para servir bem a seus clientes e steakholders, ajudar a sociedade civil e preservar o meio ambiente.

Pennacchi: no Brasil, há 50 anos um grupo empresarial se esforça para servir bem a seus clientes e steakholders, ajudar a sociedade civil e preservar o meio ambiente.

Read in English. Normalmente se diz que um grupo empresarial é forte por sua solidez e ampla atuação no mercado. Há 50 anos, Pennacchi é reconhecido também por isso, mas sobretudo pelos valores que defende, e por apoiar projetos sociais. O Grupo atua nos segmentos de...

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