Clarification on The Nation’s Article about Jarken and Consulus

Nov 27, 2015 | News & Updates, Thailand

Consulus, would like to provide clarification on certain facts referenced in an article by The Nation, Thailand on 26 November, 2015, in relation to its business relationship with Jarken. The article stated that the two companies will enter into a merger. Consulus would like to clarify that it is in a working partnership with Jarken and there is no corporate merger taking place. The partnership which was signed in Singapore on 7th of May includes training of Jarken consultants in Consulus methodologies so that they can work with other Consulus partnerships who are present in 7 countries. The nature of this partnership was accurately featured on Marketing Magazine on 8th of July 2015. This partnership will help Jarken create a consulting unit within the Jarken Group of companies.
The article also stated that the partnership will be known as Jarken Consulus. Consulus would like to clarify that the partnership is known as Consulus Jarken as this unit like others, once fully trained and operational, shall work with other Consulus partnerships in the world and work on global projects. Throughout the world, all such partnerships use only one brand name: Consulus.

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