Circle Series

Have you ever felt frustrated by the absence of a trusted group of individuals you can rely on during life-changing challenges? Have you hesitated to share your personal vulnerabilities to someone?

Circles can establish a valuable professional network that listens and offers diverse perspectives to support your growth. They create a space for vulnerability.

For over 20 years in consulting, Consulus’s unique method is one of the best-kept secrets of community building of Changemakers Circles. Watch video ↑

The circle is a gift for everyone and we need to do our best to preserve it.

Module 1: Coffee Chat: Nurturing Impact through Circles of Trust

In-person • 2 hrs

A-2 hour CEO Coffee Talk designed to inspire participants to be an effective facilitator of Circles of Trust.

Participants will gain valuable insights about the purpose and importance of Circles, learn techniques and best practices, explore the Changemaker mindset and Shape the World values, and discover strategies for building collaborative communities.

Module 2: A week shaping a safe space for Unity

In-person • 5 full days

This one-week program of “Shaping a safe space for Unity” provides practical tools and strategies to overcome the biggest challenges in leading change.

Central to our program is creating safe and supportive spaces using the Circle framework. Participants will learn how to foster inclusive environments where everyone feels safe to share their ideas, take risks, and collaborate on impact projects. By creating these safe spaces, we ensure that the changemaking movement is representative and responsive to the needs of all communities.

What Changemaker attributes are you seeking to gain?

Elevating skills that can be practised in workplace

Elevating your professional skills can be achieved by having a supportive network. By engaging with a diverse circle of peers and mentors, you can gain fresh insights and practical strategies that can be applied in your workplace. Further, having a collaborative environment that fosters continuous learning and skill refinement will help you in navigating uncertainties inherent in pursuing unconventional paths

Building support communities both inside and outside the workplace

Through a robust support community, you can have a safe space for fostering a sense of belonging and mutual growth. But this should not only be within the confines of your office. By connecting with like-minded professionals both inside and outside your organization, you’ll build a resilient circle that enhances your capacity to achieve your goals.

Building a community of Changemakers


By bringing together individuals with a shared vision for change, we create a dynamic environment where innovative ideas and collaborative efforts thrive. This community of Changemakers supports each other in overcoming obstacles, embracing new opportunities, and making meaningful contributions to their organizations and beyond.

Facilitating circles to shape mindset and improve collaboration

At a time where there is an evident absence of trust in organizations and lack of access to resources, exploring new ways of thinking might just be the solution. By promoting vulnerability and trust, a Circle of Trust can help individuals break down barriers, share honest feedback, and co-create solutions. This collaborative approach not only improves teamwork and communication but also drives innovation and promotes a more effective organizational culture.


“Sharing personal and professional journeys with like-minded individuals created a profound sense of belonging and provided me with a clearer sense of purpose. These circles embody the belief in the power of influence and the necessity of a supportive community to inspire one another”

Ms. Caroline Haddad, a Consulite from Consulus Middle East

“3 weeks ago, we had some friends from this company called Glow. After accepting our invitation, they turned up. And they could not believe that there is a company like ours trying to live in this way. Even after the circle has ended, they stayed behind to continue sharing with us about their challenges. They told us that they have met other consultants but they felt that something was amiss with them. They seem to feel that with us, it is somehow different.”

Mr. Lawrence Chong, Group CEO of Consulus

“Building trust and forging relationships like these takes time. It requires consistency, dedication, and, above all, making time for one another. As a facilitator of the Consulus Circle, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these gatherings. Each week, as we come together and open up to one another, the bonds between us grow stronger. We learn to trust, to empathize, and to support one another through life’s ups and downs.

But it’s not just as a facilitator that I’ve experienced the impact of this circle. I’ve also been a recipient and a beneficiary. There was a time when I was on the brink of burnout, feeling overwhelmed and lost. But through the love and acceptance of everyone in this circle of trust, I found my hope again. I was embraced, uplifted, and reminded that I was not alone.”

Ms. Helena Pham, Partner of Consulus Global

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