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Consulus, Introduces LeadershipCORE™ – Holistic Leadership for a Complex World

Consulus is pleased to announce the launch of its new leadership product line, LeadershipCORE™. This consists of experiential courses and programmes designed to prepare leaders for what the World Economic Forum has called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Organize for the Future Good

Since 2013 it has become clear to us, that companies must be more than just beneficiaries of the economic system and contribute to making it better through our work. So being voices and actors for the future good is even more critical today.

Alliance Finance Company PLC and their “Others before Self” culture

WCD speaks with Romani de Silva, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Alliance Finance Company PLC, the third oldest finance company in Sri Lanka, to find out about what they are doing to shape the world.

Planting the seed of purpose in Consulus Brazil

Relentless in its growth, Consulus has expanded yet again to Brazil. The opening of Consulus Brazil was sealed with the welcoming of Carlos Xavier, our senior consultant in Brazil.

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