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Shape the World Summit 2021: Shape a Better Economy by Design

The summit is expected to draw representatives from 12 international organisations from 7 countries, and over 400 delegates from 20 nations covering 4 continents, from different academic, social, racial and religious backgrounds. The entire program will be on zoom and livestreamed on FB and Youtube as well. Participants who sign up will be able to participate in breakout rooms for networking via ZOOM.

Shape the World Summit 2019 “Designing a more equitable economic system” to take place in Singapore this June

A 2-day creative summit in Singapore from 20-21 June to gather leaders who care about a better world to imagine new...

Shape the World Discovery Workshop

This creative workshop helps your company’s leaders understand how your business can change from the inside-out to meet the opportunities of the new world.

Business Leaders Convene to Discuss Practical Steps to Build Global Sri Lankan Brands

Private and public sector leaders from the country will convene at the Shape the World Conference in Sri Lanka to be...
An Insightful Approach to Branding

An Insightful Approach to Branding

The talk gave participants a unique perspective on what true branding is about, probing them to think about their intrinsic values and how these are reflected in the values of their respective companies. This was the initial step in shaping a purpose-led brand – a concept that was unfamiliar to most of the participants.

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