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Reshaping the world’s media to sustain quality journalism

This 2015 congress was held in March in Yangon, Myanmar with the participation of more than 200 journalists from more than 60 countries, including Myanmar journalists.

Consulus to attend IPI World Congress in Yangon

Our CEO, Mr Lawrence Chong has been invited to attend this year’s IPI World Congress in Yangon, Myanmar to be held 27th-29th March 2015.

Solve Asia’s Unity Problem

Without pro-actively addressing our past differences and finding a way to overcome them, those issues will continue to haunt us and drag us into conflict, eventually destroying all that we have built.

Consulus Myanmar speaks at Consumer Trends, Marketing and Branding Strategies Seminar

Mikael Knudsen, Consulus Myanmar country representative gave advice to over 250 businessmen and professionals from diverse industries and services at Consumer Trends, Marketing and Branding Strategies Seminar.

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