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Saradise: Living the Sarawak Dream

Can business help to contribute to the identity of a location? For this Sarawakian property developer, the answer is...

Place-Branding: Finding the Soul of Kuching

In a world where people are seeking meaning and authenticity, it is time to build places that mean something and not merely brand them. Learn how we help a property developer from Kuching contribute to the identity of their hometown.

Malaysia struggles with toxic power assets – Consulus comments on 1MDB case

CEO of Consulus shared that the unsavoury allegations and huge debt accrued by 1MDB have also damaged the Malaysian government’s image

Can MyTeksi sustain both its car and taxi businesses? – Consulus shares on brand cannibalization

In comments to Marketing Magazine on the case of brand competition between sister companies of MyTeksi, Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus shared that cannibalising one’s own brand can be seen as more of a preemptive strike against its competitors.