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Consulus, Introduces LeadershipCORE™ – Holistic Leadership for a Complex World

Consulus is pleased to announce the launch of its new leadership product line, LeadershipCORE™. This consists of experiential courses and programmes designed to prepare leaders for what the World Economic Forum has called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Organize for the Future Good

Since 2013 it has become clear to us, that companies must be more than just beneficiaries of the economic system and contribute to making it better through our work. So being voices and actors for the future good is even more critical today.

Alliance Finance Company PLC and their “Others before Self” culture

WCD speaks with Romani de Silva, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Alliance Finance Company PLC, the third oldest finance company in Sri Lanka, to find out about what they are doing to shape the world.

A New Type of Consultant for an Age of Disruption

The traditional role of being domain experts no longer suffices and consultants must remain flexible and open to other alternate routes to success. Instead of merely instructing clients, it is imperative that consultants take on a listening role and deeply understand their genuine needs.

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

In order to find out more on what the stakeholders believe that this partnership and PlaceCORE could potentially achieve and what the future holds for the two companies and the communities involved, The Columnist held a conversation with 3 key executives who have and will be much involved in the formulation and implementation of the PlaceCORE design and framework processes.

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