Catching the Next Wave with Siow Chiang

Nov 14, 2012 | B2C, Clients, EngagementCORE, Malaysia, PurposeCORE, Singapore, SME

Using the PurposeCore™ model, Consulus helped Siow Chiang and its house brands, SureCatch and ATC, redefine its business strategy, institutionalise processes, transform organisational culture, and improve brand equity so that it could scale up and expand internationally.

Business Design

Data-driven Insights for Precise Strategies

As a fast-growing Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) on the cusp of internationalisation, Siow Chiang was facing a new set of challenges. An intensive business research study using qualitiative and quantitative data, also known as the “Harness” phase, was conducted over 1.5 months to identify the brand’s key issues. It identified key issues that Siow Chiang had to focus on solving in order to build for scalability and rapid expansion:

From the research, the Consulus team concluded that there was a need to institutionalise standard work processes for sustainability of growth, to build a stronger internal culture to retain talent and obtain buy-in from staff and to build stronger brand equity and communicate the brand through a standardised visual language.

Aligning Purpose with Performance

In order to drive tangible performance, brands have to possess a strong clarity of purpose. Based on the findings from the “Harness” phase, an overview of the brand’s current state was generated and together with input from management, Consulus developed a proposed Brand Purpose and 3-State Brand Model for Siow Chiang.

The proposed defined brand state for Siow Chiang is to become “Organised in pursuit of creating the Best-in-Class Experience for Fishermen”. Based on Siow Chiang’s current state of advantage , the eventual 3-state model of Siow Chiang was proposed as such:

  • Ability – “Commitment to Consistent Quality and Delivery”
  • Influence – “ Being the valued partner in sourcing for fishing tackle”
  • Differentiation – “ Unique and Holistic Buying Experience”

Read more about our Purpose-driven approach. 

Catching the Next Wave

After developing the brand model, Consulus proposed a new tagline to better reflect Siow Chiang’s brand purpose and way of life. “Catch the Next Wave” was developed to illustrate Siow Chiang’s ambition to identify opportunities, make the most of them, and sustain growth. The wordplay on “Catch” was also an allusion to the fishing business.

Providing a Compass for the Organisation

To familiarise the management team with the proposed brand model and business research findings, a strategic management retreat was conducted. The management team’s hopes and concerns for the company were consolidated during a candid session. The team, in conjunction with Consulus, formulated Siow Chiang’s vision and mission, and core values. It was imperative that these were co-developed with the senior management to ensure ownership and continued embodiment of these values after the branding exercise.

Siow Chiang’s management met to formulate the company’s vision, mission and core values.

Click to watch the testimonial video taken right after the Brand Strategy Workshop.

Turning Values into Action

Communicating a company’s purpose, vision, mission and core values to its staff is an integral part of making sure they are lived up to. For Siow Chiang, Consulus trained selected staff members to be ‘brand trainers’. Representatives were acquainted with the purpose model, vision, mission and core values, and invited to share their thoughts in sessions that aimed to build a foundation for a strong internal culture. Core values were followed up with their associated behaviors and practices. Staff were invited to recommend internal practices to build internal culture and live out core values in their daily work life.

A Brand Circle was nominated to ensure sustenance of branding activities, and this team was guided by a framework governing positive brand practices.

Staff attending the brand alignment workshops conducted by the internal brand trainers

Presenting action plans developed during the workshop


Siow Chiang’s staff presenting their “Catch the Next Wave” gesture


Reviewing the Customer’s Service Experience

To ensure that there was no disconnect between Siow Chiang’s new brand purpose and its actual service experience, Consulus also looked into its existing brand journey and service experience. Consulus facilitated a dialogue between Siow Chiang’s product development department, sales staff and managers, and made broad recommendations to help them set-up processes pertaining to quality management.

Training materials were also developed as part of a broader customer service strategy framework, in order to ensure that staff knew what kind of experience they were expected to deliver to customers.

Product Development and Sales brainstormed for solutions and ideas to the Customer Brand Journey


Design for Business

Embodying Catch the Next Wave

Siow Chiang’s logomark is made up of three inter-connecting hooks that alluded to the fishing industry. The logo symbolises Siow Chiang’s intended presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As the logo was relevant to Siow Chiang’s brand story, it was decided that the logo would not be changed much, and would only be updated to reflect a more contemporary and modern image for Siow Chiang.

The Siow Chiang logo was updated to reflect a more contemporary feel


Siow Chiang’s leading in-house brand, SureCatch, had a logo which was associated strongly with fishing. However, there were inconsistencies in logo variations and it was not visually cohesive. The logo was refined and made more consistent to stand out against competitor brands.

Similarly, the logo of another in-house brand, ATC, was updated to be more visually cohesive.

The old SureCatch logo (left) was refined and made more consistent (right) to stand out against competitor brands.

The original ATC logo (left) was also updated to be more visually cohesive (right).


Consistent Identity, Various Applications

While there were various applications for Siow Chiang’s visual identity, they were all standardised based on a singular, cohesive visual identity language system. From corporate stationery to marketing collaterals, the new identity projects a consistent, professional visual identity.

From corporate stationery to marketing collaterals, the new identity projects a consistent, professional visual identity.


SureCatch’s and ATC’s new product announcements were designed to be visually cohesive with their respective overall brand identities

The SureCatch shirt incorporates part of the SureCatch logo in its design to ensure a standardised brand visual language

The ATC windbreakers bearing elements of the ATC visual identity

Design for Business: Online Experience

A smoother online experience

As part of a communication audit, Google Analytics was installed to track the online activity of the SureCatch and ATC websites. For both websites, the content has been reorganised to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need. In addition, lifestyle topics are added in to make the online user experience more personal and conversational. The wireframe and visual layout of the SureCatch and ATC websites were also developed based on the research generated by Google Analytics and Consulus online strategy assessment.

As there was no existing corporate website for the parent company, Siow Chiang, the Consulus team proposed, conceptualised and implemented the website as a gateway for existing and potential industry partners.

The SureCatch website was rehauled to present information in a more organised manner.

The Consulus team also ensured the SureCatch website contained strong elements of the overall visual identity

The ATC website was revamped so that it reflected a more professional look and feel

To engage the community further, an ATC blog was proposed to document the stories that ATC Anglers had to tell during their fishing trips


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