Business Design

Business Research

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research into the dynamics of a company’s ability to create value, then develop an innovative model for success. See example


We review how organisations use their data for business growth and implement a programme to profit from these insights. See example

Company Purpose, Vision & Mission

Leveraging on business data and organisational study, we help companies identify a viable purpose, vision and mission. See example

Business Model

We develop long-term roadmaps to help organisations evolve their business models through innovation so as to rise up the value-chain. See example

Brand Naming

We develop persuasive naming services in line with the company’s business objectives. See example

Brand Portfolio

We reconfigure companies’ brand portfolios to maximise the profitability of each brand. See example

Communication Audit

We review existing communication modes and practices to enhance stakeholder engagement. See example

Communication Strategy

We develop long-term communication strategies designed to secure buy-in from external stakeholders. See example

Social Responsibility Programmes

We develop corporate social responsibility modules that reflect the brand’s aspirations. See example

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