Brand Experience

Consumer Research

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research into the strengths of a product, organisation or nation and its relationships with different stakeholders. See example

Service Experience

We develop customised service experiences and training modules to help companies realise their desired experiences. See example

Visual Identity Research

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research into the perceived value of the brand by reviewing the existing set of visuals and how they stand versus the competition. See example

Online Communication Audit

We review the existing online and social media platforms and propose strategies to improve stakeholder engagement. See example

Identity Design

We design unique brand identities based on business research, so they can represent the business case. See example

Identity Language Design

We design a visual language based on the logo to help users identify with the brand. See example

Communication Strategy

We develop and design advertising campaigns to help brands communicate their value propositions to stakeholders. See example

Retail Experience Design

We build upon the service experience to design persuasive environments that help condition the customer’s perception of the brand. See example

Internal Brand Identity Management

We develop policies and guiding documents to help companies manage their brand experiences. See example

Product & Packaging Design

We design unique forms and packages to enhance the value proposition of brands.

Brand Practices and Channels

We help companies realign channels to reflect the brand promise and enhance existing controls for consistent brand experience. See example

Online Brand Experience

We develop, design and implement sustainable strategies for web and social media engagement. See example

Creative Thinking Workshops

We design customised workshop materials to enhance the learning experiences of staff. See example

Brand Visual Audit

We measure the brand’s ability to evolve and to build on its library of visual symbols and icons. See example

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