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Reinventing consumer models and new ideas for an age of disruption

Spinning half-truths won’t work

The business-to-consumer (B2C) industry has been overly reliant on advertising and short-term gimmicks. Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing spin that they’ve become immune to it. They’ve heard all those promises before. They know all the old tricks.

In this information age they can easily verify if they can get a better deal elsewhere. When you don’t work on keeping alive a genuine connection with consumers, you can’t expect them to be loyal to your brand.

Reinventing relationships will

Authenticity is a must in gaining the trust of consumers. Instead of trying to concoct a facade, we uncover from the inside your company’s strengths, character and the values it stands for. We then bring it to the surface through strategic business model and organizational change, before designing a unique brand experience to renew your relationship with your customers.

When your entire organisation is built around a unique purpose, the brand will mean something to consumers’ lives, thus making it easier for them to embrace your brand.

We wanted to build on memories people have of Serangoon Garden and create something we’d all love.

Edmund Chye

Director, Chye Lee and Sons (myVillage)

Consulus was always there to provide all the support that we needed. It was not just a client relationship; it was more of a partnership.
Javed Ahmed

Managing Director, BIBD

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