An Interview with Jay Hein, President of Sagamore Institute

Apr 26, 2018 | Civilisation, English, TheColumnist, United States

Jay Hein, President of Sagamore Institute

Today Consulus announces the launch of a new leadership program in partnership with Sophia University Institute from Italy and supported by the Global Leaders for Unity Fund, established by the Sagamore Institute from the U.S. The Columnist asks Jay Hein, President of Sagamore Institute on his organisation and also his thoughts about the partnership with Consulus and Sophia serves in shaping leaders of unity.

Why is Sagamore Institute partnering with Sophia University and Consulus in shaping global leaders of unity?
When Sagamore was made aware of the Economy of Communion, our leaders were immediately drawn to the Pope’s vision and the business leaders commitment to values-based market success.  Sagamore was drawn to Sophia University’s intellectual capital, Consulus’ proven record of executing successful global initiatives, and the vision of our three continent footprint to advance our servant leadership movement.

What is the purpose of the Sagamore Institute?
Sagamore is an action-oriented think tank headquartered in the United States with programs across the globe.  Our model fuses three lines of business: scholarly research, consulting, and investing.  This tripartite offering enables public and private sector entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action.  Following successful execution, we transfer the lessons learned to policymakers and other influencers to create systems change.

What led you to co-found the organisation?
I was motivated to “lead leaders” and “serve servants.”  We are very bold in helping presidents of nations and CEO make good decisions.  Those leaders often need to act with too little time and too little information.  We’re privileged to have a lot of bandwidth to study the issues and draw on a global team of experts to help leaders advance their agendas.  At the same time, we offer capacity building and other resources to frontline innovators who are creating new solutions to the world’s sorest problems.

Can you give a glimpse of what Sagamore Institute is doing briefly around the world and its impact?
One example of our impact can be found in our $30 million fund to help low-income school children access high quality education.  We have also helped form public policy on the national level and facilitated trade between the US and Asia, Europe, and Africa.

What is your view about participative citizenship in a global environment like today?
America was founded on the idea that citizens would form the heart of our society.  This requires a duty of citizenship to become educated on the issues and to use our gifts for the benefit of others.  Sagamore is keen to transfer the insights and products we’ve gained to those interested in building their societies through improved citizen engagement.

How will technology shape the way you operate as a think tank?
We utilize technology to both widen and deepen a dialogue among leaders interested in building better public policy and enhance private sector growth.  At the same time, we see information tools simply as a way to support better relationships and enhanced social capital.

If you could summon any three world leaders together to talk about the issues you care about, who will you call and why?
I believe the most consequential actor in the 21st century will not be the politician, nor the businessman, nor the scientist.  Rather, it will be a purposeful network of leaders joined by an aspirational cause.  In that respect, I’m delighted to join Consulus and Sophia University as conveners of such networks.

Can you share one memorable episode during your work and why it mattered?
I was deeply honoured to serve in the White House in support of America’s NGO community.  This enabled me to use the powerful platform of an American presidency to draw attention to the world’s biggest challenges and to form policy strengthening public-private partnerships.

To learn more about the two courses that Consulus is conducting in partnership with Sophia University Institute:

Personal Leadership Development: Global Leaders for Unity Executive Course
Team Leadership Development: Alchemy Leadership Program

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