An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation

Mar 23, 2017 | English, Events, News & Updates, Singapore, TheColumnist

Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, joined many international and Singapore leaders from design, business and public sector to share experiences and insights on how design is a key driver of innovation, and how it has a transformative impact on individuals and corporations, creating game-changing possibilities for a better world, at the Innovation by Design Conference 2017 in Singapore on March 8.

In his presentation titled “An Asian Method of Business Design for Innovation”, he shared the Consulus story about why we had to transform our business and develop a methodology when we realized that we were in a sunset industry. And because we kept trying by faithfully capturing the data and evolving the method based on insights, this process then raised us up in the value-chain of management consulting; in turn enabled us to change the destinies of many Asian and now Western companies through business design. It is a story that spanned 13 years and shows how belief, unity and love for the work that we do helped us get where are today.

Watch Lawrence Chong’s Presentation here

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