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We transform companies

We create new experiences

We shape a better world

We are present globally

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We believe that leaders, companies, cities united by purpose, enabled by a unique business model and presented through distinctive experiences can shape the world

Global innovation consultancy with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities.

Since 2004, we have transformed leaderscompanies, places and experiences from multi-nationals to start-ups in more than 20 cities around the world. Our clients include Bove, BIBD, Cyclect, DST, Health City Novena, MTU and SONY. Applying our proprietary UNIFY methodology to redesign business models, organisational cultures, and brand experiences, we help our clients develop in-house capabilities so as to enable them to innovate more effectively and meet the complex challenges of the 4th industrial revolution.


Our custom-built solutions have allowed our clients to increase revenue by over 138%, expand to overseas markets, develop new products and intellectual property and prepare the next generation of leaders to drive and sustain high-growth. Today we are present in Singapore (World Centre), Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, IndiaItaly, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States of AmericaVietnam.


Summary of Our Solutions and Initiatives

PurposeCORE, the principal business transformation solution of Consulus and the world’s first 3-in-1 transformation program covering business, human resource and design. Applied in hundreds of companies throughout the Asia-Pacific since 2004, find out how an effective 360 transformation can help you shape the new world.

PlaceCORE is the place economy innovation programme jointly developed with CPG Consultants. It is the world’s first integrative development solution incorporating data and insights from Masterplan, Business, Design and Human Development. It provides governments and developers with a 360 view on how to establish a sustainable and creative place for economic and social development.

ExperienceCORE is the experience design programme. We help clients create a unique product through an integrated design approach unifying business, organisation and creative thinking to gain a strategic advantage.

DigitalCORE is the digital strategy programme. We help companies evaluate their current state of digitalization and help them create a company-wide and people-entered approach in digital transformation.

LeadershipCORE is the leadership transformation programme. We design and conduct global leadership programmes for individuals and companies. In addition to this, we have a resident programme conducted in partnership with Sophia University Institute in Italy. 


Shape the World Conferences, the thought leadership programme of Consulus. Since 2005, we have influenced more than 5,000 business leaders in Asia through this event which has been held in Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.


The Columnist, the thought leadership channel of Consulus. We share new ideas in business, design and world affairs on this channel since 2013 and global thought leaders such as President of Muji, Deputy Secretary-General of Religions for Peace, CEO of Banyan Tree Gallery have shared their insights on this channel.


World Company Day, the global non-profit initiative of Consulus. To shape a better world, we launched this global non-profit initiative in 2013 to advocate companies to make a difference through daily work. More than 200 companies from 12 nations have since joined us to commit to shaping a better world.


Consulus is also a member of the Economy of Communion Global Network, a group of businesses, professionals and academics committed to shaping a new economic system that favours inclusive growth.


Profile of clients

  • Companies with presence in 6 to 12 countries
  • Traditional manufacturers aiming to own intellectual property
  • Fast-growing startups in high-growth sectors such as luxury goods, tech and medical
  • Enterprises aiming for rapid global expansion in the next five years
  • Family-owned enterprises whose children are about to take over the business
  • Companies that have just gone through M&A and require organisational branding solutions
  • Companies seeking ways to refresh and renew their brands and experiences
  • Emerging brands who require professional brand management services

From purpose to promise

Purpose guides everything we do

Purpose, not positioning, shapes the destiny of companies and the future markets. Through deep business insights and strategic thinking we enable companies to identify a purpose that they can believe in.

The power of business meets the magic of design

At Consulus, business management consultants and multi-disciplinary designers work closely together to design business models and craft magical experiences. This synergy between business and design allows our team to produce extraordinary ways to shape user experiences and create new opportunity spaces.

Values drive performance

We believe that the key to longevity lies in aligning performance to brand values. From identifying core values to designing a unique culture, we enable companies to establish a distinct and sustainable way of life.

The 4th Industrial Revolution needs a Different Perspective

We are an innovation consultancy founded by purpose-driven leaders. We share a sense of purpose and believe that now is the time for the rise of more meaningful enterprises to shape a future economy. With our unique capabilities and operational experience in more than 20 cities across the globe, we are here to help you shape the world.

We’ve served a diverse range of industries


Business to Business

Public Sector


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