Our Purpose

Shaping a better and inclusive economic system, by helping leaders, companies, and cities discover their better selves by enabling them to become the difference they are meant to be from the inside out.

A global change by design firm

Consulus is a global change by design firm serving individuals, companies, and cities in their personal and corporate transformation with purpose and unity to realize a new economic vision also known as the Economy of Communion.

Consulus believes that a mass movement of change-makers imbued with purpose and unity can generate innovation and impact for inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic change solutions that involve multidisciplinary expertise for personal, organizational, and place transformation throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Consulus work of change is present in 23 nations throughout the world. Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion network.

Creative Change by Systemic Design

Transfigure Your Company, a purpose-driven transformation approach that is data-driven. Redesigning organization, business models and brand experiences to enable companies to unify and innovate for exponential growth.

Transfigure Your City, a purpose-driven and trans-disciplinary solution from urban planning, architecture, landscaping to business and organizational design to create iconic and inclusive communities.

Transfigure Your Experience, an experience design programme to create a unique product through an integrated design approach unifying business, organisation and creative thinking to gain a strategic advantage.

Transfigure Your
Digital Strategy, a digital strategy programme to evaluate companies’ current state of digitalization and help them create a company-wide and people-entered approach to digital transformation.

Transfigure Your Leadership, a set of creative courses and programs to help leaders and leadership teams rethink their purpose and learn how to holistically lead their organizations to navigate an uncertain future.

Transfigure for Your Impact, an Impact audit programme to review your organization’s ability to act as one and create value and impace in an age of disruption. The insights will enable you to gauge your capability to innovate and adapt to changes in customer needs and business climate.

Shape the World Summits and Conferences, the thought leadership programme of Consulus. Since 2005, through our Shape the World Summits, we share ideas on how to inspire companies and shape a better world through unity and innovation by design. We believe that shaping a better economy requires the collective efforts of global leaders and change makers committed to shaping an inclusive economic system with a preference for equitable and sustainable growth. Our thought-leadership events gather leaders and professionals from public sector, business and civil society, providing them with design-led strategies to inspire companies to transform their business and organizational models to shape a better world.

Global Education Partners for Future Resilience, Consulus has a global network of higher education partners to impact individuals and leaders with creative tools of purpose and unity to be future resilient in a complex world, including NEW YORK – Fordham University, INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana University, ROME – ProLingua, Trevi Fontana, SINGAPORE – Raffles Design Institute, KAOSHIUNG – Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages.

Globally we serve

  • Individuals: Persons who seek purpose to unite others to creatively impact the world
  • Organizations: Companies and non-profit entities who seek purpose and unity for impact and resilience
  • Cities: Cities who seek to be resilient by design with purpose and unity

Theory of Change

Consulus was inspired by the principles of the
Economy of Communion to build a united world by redesigning our economic relationships and systems.

Economy of Communion (EoC) a global initiative was launched by UNESCO Peace Prize Winner Chiara Lubich in 1991. It seeks to create businesses that are sustainable and an integral part of their community, to address social challenges and for the betterment of our global economy.

These principles have been a guiding force in shaping our commitments and actions for impact, towards shaping better economic system that puts people and relationships at the heart of solutions.

Our Discovery from 19 years of creative change

Purpose + Unity = Innovation and Growth

Using Purpose as a strategy, Unity as a catalyst, Innovation as a focus, Growth then becomes a consequence of systematically designed change.

Our Impact through Systemic Design Solutions

The core of our work is based on our transformation success formula backed by 19 years of experience. With our UNIFY transformation approach, World’s first integral implementation approach for purpose and unity since 2004, we help individuals and organisations discover purpose and design for unity so as to create movements for shape.

Our Solutions for a Complex World

Uniquely designed based on a proven formula for transformation success.




Design Thinking

Strategic Planning

Financial Modelling

Smart City Strategy

Succession Planning

Valuation of Business

Organizational Design

Business Model Design

Service Concept Design

Community Engagement

Mergers and Acquisition

Marketing Communication

Human Capital Development

Innovation Methodology Design

Leadership Development Program

Sales Evaluation and Process design

Fundraising Evaluation and Strategy

Board Evaluation and Transformation

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Customer Experience and Service Design

Social Impact Model and Transformation

Investment Strategy, Plan and Pitch Deck

Research in Markets, Competitive Studies

Real-Estate Business model and Strategy

Operational Process / SOP / Workflow Design

Product Concept Design for Tech, Retail and Real Estate

Audit in Business, Brand, Culture, Design, Digital and FinancE

We’ve served a diverse range of industries


Business to Business

  • Architecture & Planning
  • Banking, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Building Materials & Construction
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Distributors
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Manufacturers
  • Office Supplies
  • Renewable Energy & Environment
  • Research & Development
  • Shipping & Marine
  • Logistics, Supply Chain & Transportation

Public Sector


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