A Prayer for Sustainable Economy

Aug 16, 2018 | Civilisation, Columnist, English, News & Updates, World Company Day

To mark the 6th World Company Day, a prayer for a sustainable economy has been composed. It is inspired by the prayer of St. Francis, a 13th century Saint:

Lord, make us instruments for a Sustainable Economy. Where there is poverty of purpose, help us inspire one; Where there is poverty of institutions, help us renew our workplaces; where there is poverty of solutions, help us with purpose-driven creativity; where there is poverty of trust, help us inspire unity.

O Divine Master, grant that in the process we may not despair but to remember that our cause is for our family and future generations as well as those who suffer today without equality, a home or a meal. For it is in sustainable reciprocity that we can shape a shared future for everyone on this blessed earth. Amen



Download the prayer