A Decade of Shaping the World

Jun 20, 2014 | Columnist, English

In a humble cafe on Bali Lane ten years ago, we made the solemn pact to create a company with a difference. What an adventure it has been! We have since shared our belief that companies can become the difference that they are meant to be in more than 18 cities around the world.

We are grateful for the many meaningful experiences, the opportunities of introducing new ideas in strategy, organisational development and design. The belief in the greater potential of our clients sustained us but more importantly, we continue to be driven by the fact that the human race aspires beyond mere existence, by the idea that every organisation can discover an enduring purpose and shape the world in extraordinary ways.

This belief is what inspires us and will continue to push us ahead for decades to come.

On behalf of the partners,
Lawrence Chong
CEO and co-founder

Shape the World Summit 2021: Shape a Better Economy by Design

Shape the World Summit 2021: Shape a Better Economy by Design

The summit is expected to draw representatives from 12 international organisations from 7 countries, and over 400 delegates from 20 nations covering 4 continents, from different academic, social, racial and religious backgrounds. The entire program will be on zoom and livestreamed on FB and Youtube as well. Participants who sign up will be able to participate in breakout rooms for networking via ZOOM.