5th Shape the World Conference in Vietnam

Jun 14, 2013 | News & Updates, Press, Vietnam

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Hanoi, 14 June 2013 – Asia is the continent of growth for the world, yet Asian thinking in general and Vietnamese thinking in particular do not shape our economies and businesses. Will the world be better with the rise of Vietnam? How can Vietnamese organisations emerge as leaders in this changing business landscape? What will it take to seize the mantle of leadership and shape the world socially, politically and economically? This year’s Shape the World Conference 2013, Vietnam – themed “What is Vietnam’s Brand of Leadership?” will see leaders coming from business, government and civil society to discuss new ideas on how Vietnam can lead on 15 August 2013 at Novotel Saigon Center Hotel.

Today, corporations hold more power than nations and religions. From Apple to Nestle, these brands shape how we interact and affect how we use the resources of the earth. If Asia wish to shape the new world order, then we will need to create organisations to encourage leadership and creative thinking. Yet as Asia rises, it seems that our ambition to lead has not grown in tandem with our economic rise. The majority of Asian businesses are in commodities and service rather than building platforms that determine the future such as brands like Tesla and Google. And in recent years, there seems to be a tendency to cash out rather than build better products or businesses. For instance, the Dutch brewer Heineken’s success in its $4.6 billion bid to acquire Asia Pacific Breweries, the Singapore-listed maker of Tiger beer is a sign of this trend. In the context of Vietnam, Philippines fast-food giant, Jollibee has acquired Pho 24 noodles, Highlands Coffee; Vietnamese confectionery giant Bibica lost its brand to Lotte; Unicharm acquired 95% stake in Diana Vietnam or SCG (Thailand) bought Vietnam’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer, the Prime Group, for US$ 240 million.

Shape the world conference is a platform for emerging Asian leaders to review their business models and seek to build stronger brands so as to make a difference for Asia. The Conference believes that strong Asian companies with innovative models and strong organisational development are a secure way to contribute to the developmental needs of the region. If Asia in general and Vietnam in particular keeps outsourcing all of its innovation to the West, it will cede the development of the future and fail to generate sufficient wealth at home countries contributing to uncertainty.

To succeed in this endeavor, there is an urgent need to nurture the culture of a Creative Mindset versus that of a Contractor Mindset. The future of Asia depends on our ability to create conditions that welcome diversity, open to new ideas with processes to support innovation. The Conference hopes to address the shortfall of leaders with a creative mindset and encourage new ideas in terms of organisational development.

CEO of Consulus, Lawrence Chong said “Shape the World Conference is the platform for young and emerging leaders who are purpose-led and who understand the urgent need to change the way we have built the Asian economy so far. It is no longer about just achieving financial success but shaping the future.”

Leading speakers and their topics at this year’s Shape the World Conference include:

Dang Le Nguyen Vu, CEO, Trung Nguyen Group – VIETNAM
Speaker and Panelist. What is the role of branding in transforming the industry? Hear how a purpose-driven brand has built brand association through leveraging cultural experience design.

Lawrence Chong, CEO, Consulus – SINGAPORE
Speaker and Panelist.  Are we prepared for Vietnam and Asia to lead? How can we create conditions within our companies to nurture a creator mentality? How can we re-imagine our business models to take advantage of the convergence of business, technology and design.

Helena Pham, Head, Vietnam, Consulus – VIETNAM
Speaker and Panelist Practical tactics and solutions on how to develop leaders internally. This will include development and performance review.

Tang Ying Chun, Manager, Strategy, Consulus – SINGAPORE
Speaker. Practical approaches to shape company policy and practices to encourage collaboration and build corporate ownership for SMEs.

Vu Dinh Anh, Economist – VIETNAM
Speaker and Panelist. What are the unique traits of Vietnamese people and organizations? Can that be relevant in the business world? Instead of rushing to adopt Western business approaches, learn about how Vietnamese values can guide our approach in grooming business leaders.

Pham Dinh Doan, CEO, Phu Thai Group – VIETNAM
Speaker and Panelist. Why is innovation necessary for Vietnamese companies? Understand how to grow your business value chain, increase profit margins and drive overall performance.

Join fellow Vietnamese business and social leaders on Thursday, 15 August to raise Vietnam’s global influence.

About Shape the World Conference

Initiated by Consulus, Shape The World Conferences have gathered more than 3,000 delegates from around the region since 2005. The conference was launched in Singapore and has since been introduced to fast-growing economies such as Vietnam and the Philippines. While there were numerous branding forums about strategy and tactics, there was none about the role of Asian brands in shaping a new Asia and how a new mindset needs to emerge to truly lead. Previously endorsed by organisations like SCCCI and DesignSingapore Council, The Shape The World Conferences act as a platform for promising Asian leaders to re-imagine their business models and find relevant partners in order to achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

For registration, please visit Consulus website

For more information about Shape The World Conference 2013, Vietnam and request for interviews, please contact:

Ms. Tran Thi Huyen
Conference Secretariat
Email: huyen_tran@consulusgroup.com
Mobile: +84 976 502 089
Tel +84 3555 3206

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