Consulus Lanka

Our goal is to help Sri Lankan enterprises upgrade their management and organizational capacity to nurture innovative thinking and shape a better future for Sri Lanka

The capabilities and the type of solutions that we provide in Consulus Lanka.

  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 50%
  • Place Economy Transformation and Branding – PlaceCORE 25%
  • New Experience Concepts – ExperienceCORE 25%

Our work includes:

  1. Help upgrade management and leadership capacity within an organization to enhance business performance
  2. Transforming a company’s business model, help them build the capacity for innovation and create their own intellectual property.
  3. Help shape urban renewal in Sri Lanka through place innovation and community engagement
  4. Upgrade service and retail experiences through strategy and creative solutions


In August 2012, Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive of Consulus, was invited by Shiraz Latiff, a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK to speak at the annual CIM conference in Sri Lanka. The event attracted 350 business leaders and Consulus’s unique approach of business design was well-received as many corporations were reviewing their business models to build global brands. Discussions were initiated between Consulus and Hummingbird International where Shiraz Latiff leads as the Chairman/CEO.

On 28th of January 2013, the partnership was officially sealed before a select group of 60 business leaders who gathered at the historic Galadari Hotel. The office is led by Shiraz Latiff and his partners who has over 22 years of commercial and industry experience in strategic marketing, business optimization and corporate restructuring.


In 2013, Lawrence and Shiraz started writing a weekly column for Ceylon Today titled Shape the World.

Shiraz Latiff

Shiraz Latiff

Managing Partner at Consulus Hummingbird

Contact Details

Address: Level 3, No. 24, Beddagana Road, Kotte, Sri Lanka

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