MIINH – The Position of Advantage


Customer service quality in Vietnam is perceived to be far behind international standards when customers compare with global service providers. The real estate industry in Vietnam is mainly driven by international developers whose services sets the standard for Vietnamese companies to follow.

A world-class customer service experience provided by a Vietnamese brand was necessary to change the conversations as well as set gold standards for customer service in Vietnam. Other than designing the experience of New Peaks’ serviced office, Consulus developed a dedicated area and conceptualised monthly events to facilitate networking amongst the clients.

In addition to office space, MIINH offers a premium business lounge that serves as a business connectivity platform.

Business Design

When New Peaks was founded, the Vietnam real estate market is driven by international developers who had built strong reputation in Vietnam for decades. However, the current competitors are property-centred. As a new player in the market, New Peaks has to offer innovative service experience to increase sales. They should not limit the brand to only provide space but include services for their tenants’ business operations and growth.

Brand Purpose Identification

In order to build a relevant brand model that the business can sustain, Consulus interviewed the eight founding members of New Peaks to discover their inherent hopes and concerns. We found a shared belief: to bring international service standards to Vietnam, creating a difference in the business category and developing capabilities of Vietnamese property firms.

This alignment formed the basis of an intrinsic brand strategy that will provide clarity for the long-term. With this in mind, Consulus facilitated a strategy workshop to identify a sustainable brand purpose and design a relevant brand model.

Brand Purpose a brand advancing business advantage for partners by creating platforms for their growth
Ability Holistic space management
Influence Effective catalyst for business growth
Differentiation Tenant-as-partner approach

The brand purpose was distilled to be “a brand advancing business advantage for partners by creating platforms for their growth,” instead of just providing a quality service experience. This challenging business model will create the differentiating factor that raises them above competitors.

With the brand purpose established, A premier business circle was set up with ultimate aim to create a platform for all parties to grow. New Peaks is able to do this thanks to its founders’ long and close connections with developers, property owners, tenants and investors.

From New Peaks to MIINH

The brand naming reflected meaningful collaboration among the founders. They agreed that the name need to reflect Vietnam’s rich history of heritage, national pride and purpose of New Peaks existence.

MIINH symbolises a confident global representative of Vietnam. The name has a strong reference to Vietnam with the typical “NH” consonant and is associated with the idea of smart, intelligent (minh mẫn), sunrise (bình minh), transparent (minh bạch), and  Ho Chi Minh.

The tagline “The position of advantage” portrays MIINH as an opening door for customers and partners to the world of connections and business opportunities.

Sub-brand names were also created for business units and places within the MIINH business centre.

Inspired by a symbol of Hanoi, 36 Old Streets, the business networking space was named MIINH 36. This is an exclusive deal-making space at every MIINH business center offering a high-end environment in high traffic locations to encourage business dialogues.

Meeting room names remind both locals and foreigners of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. MIINH Lotus was named after a widely recognised symbol in Vietnamese literature; MIINH Phoenix and MIINH Dragon were named after popular mythical creatures. MIINH Square was named after the square in Hanoi where Vietnam’s first President, Ho Chi Minh, read the Proclamation of Independence.

A Premier Business Circle, A Complete Brand Portfolio

Five core business units were set up to offer holistic services ranging from early stage of investment to final stage of property management:

  • MIINH Investment smoothens the path of potential projects and see ideas through to fruition and good returns.
  • MIINH Academy stands out among competitors by providing a broad range of practical property management courses to both real estate developers and property owners.
  • MIINH Property offers the best cost-saving office solutions for tenants, enhancing their image and sales success by providing a Grade A business space.
  • MIINH Leasing not only provides overall feasibility analysis but also guidance and support throughout each phase of the lease to ensure the properties generate the best market returns via strong local market and regulatory knowledge.
  • MIINH Estate Management minimises risk for property owners from setup stage to revenue maximisation stage.

Developing the Framework for MIINH’s Brand Service Experience

A customer service experience workshop was conducted for all MIINH staff to help them understand what the MIINH service experience means. Other than a professional image, the workshop was designed to train MIINH staff to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. This ensures that they can engage customers and provide professional, informed solutions. A daily Customer Intelligence Logbook, a system that collects client’s personal reference, business demand and opportunities, was developed for MIINH staff to strengthen the relationship with customers.

At the same time, weekly sharing sessions on the local and international economy were developed to train a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, so that clients feel that MIINH staff are life-long partners. These weekly sharing sessions every Friday formed a ritual among the staff and continue to create the professional brand service experience that helps MIINH build their reputation on.

MIINH 36, platform for business growth

The premium lounge MIINH 36 serves as a business connectivity platform where MIINH’s knowledgeable staff are able to advise partners and members about potential business deals and facilitate the deal making process for the members. MIINH Bridge event, a monthly event, is developed for MIINH members and partners – organisations, businessmen and professionals from the public and private sectors, many of whom are real estate developers, investors and property owners – to expand their business networks and close business deals effectively.

Design for Business

Logo Development

MIINH combines the pride in Vietnamese heritage with a modern interpretation that reflects New Peaks’ global outlook. The strong and solid gateway is a metaphor, associated with the ancient capital Hoa Lu which was chosen to represent New Peaks’ confidence in opening up opportunities for clients and partners within Vietnam or overseas. The yellow dawn shining behind the gate implies that MIINH would open up new horizon of success for partners. The yellow of a new dawn and the red of the Vietnamese flag were chosen as primary colours for the brand.


Holistic Spatial Experience

The first impression of the space needs to frame New Peaks as an elite business connector with a Vietnamese identity.

Three key determining factors were chosen while designing the MIINH space. It should first reflect Vietnam’s heritage, represent an open and inviting environment, and lastly serve as space for knowledge sharing.

As a business connector, it’s essential that MIINH enhances clients’ business opportunities on top of providing them with a Grade A business space. The MIINH space experience journey starts from a visitor’s first impression at the receptionist area, high-class business lounge and heritage sculpture to the interior design in each room with Vietnamese oil paintings, cosy business cafe area and exclusive MIINH 36, a blend of which represent a modern interpretation of Vietnamese imperial heritage.

Brand Communication

From human elements to spaces and documents, all individual elements come together to communicate a consistent brand message of MIINH as a knowledgeable, insightful and prestigious brand.

Improved online experience

The website provides information about development service and makes it easy for different groups of target audience to access relevant information. It is also used to provide regular updates of company events that is open to existing and potential clients.

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