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We were first drawn to beautiful islands of the Philippines in 2008 through a warm invitation by Ms. Tita Puangco, one of the nation’s top organisational development consultants. During the various encounters, we could see how quickly the Philippine economy was moving. Through a variety of initiatives from conferences to shape the world events, we have helped to advise and inspire 500 Philippine leaders in their journeys to re-imagine the meaning and purpose of their brands.

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Solve Asia’s Unity Problem

Without pro-actively addressing our past differences and finding a way to overcome them, those issues will continue to haunt us and drag us into conflict, eventually destroying all that we have built.

Finding gold in trash: An interview with Illac Diaz

A Liter of Light, affected about 300,000 houses around the world in 10 countries. Illac Diaz, the social entrepreneur driving the project, shares how objects to solve social problems need not be complex to go viral.

An Insightful Approach to Branding

The talk gave participants a unique perspective on what true branding is about, probing them to think about their intrinsic values and how these are reflected in the values of their respective companies. This was the initial step in shaping a purpose-led brand – a concept that was unfamiliar to most of the participants.

Exploring the Philippine Market

A lot of people underestimate the Philippine economy because of negative press coverage in the past related to extremism and an unsafe business environment. However…