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We first entered Myanmar with an invitation by B2B Magazine to conduct the first Shape the World Conference on 8th January 2013. The event, held at Traders Hotel, saw the attendance of about 120 business leaders and professionals from diverse industries such as banking, telecommunications and other service providers. The experience changed our perception about Myanmar because we met a group of professionals who had studied overseas and were eager to make a difference as the country continues to open up.

Till date we have served and advised some of the largest enterprises in the country with interests across industries.

Mikael Knudsen

Mikael Knudsen

Senior Consultant

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Sunrise for Myanmar in 2016

After almost five decades of military junta rule, the year 2016 would see a momentous event with the changing hands of the government. In an interview with The Columnist, Mikael Knudsen, a Senior Consultant of Consulus who has been based in Myanmar for 2.5 years, expresses his joy at the prospect of the country’s success and also reminds about the challenges ahead and the need to progress with caution.

Solve Asia’s Unity Problem

Without pro-actively addressing our past differences and finding a way to overcome them, those issues will continue to haunt us and drag us into conflict, eventually destroying all that we have built.

Mysteries of Myanmar

Myanmar is a country of beautiful landscapes that range from mirror lakes to ancient kingdoms. “Mysteries of Myanmar”, a research project by Consulus, offers a glimpse into this blessed land.