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The first foray into Brunei Darussalam was through a joint project with CPG for the nation’s airport in 2007. After the airport project, Consulus was invited to present to other government-linked companies for business design and brand transformation. We soon met a group of leaders who are working tirelessly to transform the Bruneian economy and build strong Bruneian companies and brands. Inspired by these individuals, Consulus began to intensify its level of engagement with Brunei and till date has served most of the largest corporations in the sultanate such as DST and BIBD and government agencies.

We set up office in Brunei in 2010 as a sign of our commitment to help the sultanate build global companies. The office is led by Haji Sapawi Bolhassan who has been in Brunei Government Service for more than 30 years holding various senior positions.

Haji Sapawi Bolhassan

Haji Sapawi Bolhassan

Country Director at Consulus Sdn Bhd

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