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Become a Consulite to Shape the World

For all incoming Consulites, we would like to invite you to do a write-up on your personal journey, because we strongly believe in mutual alignment. If your essay is shortlisted, you will be invited to come to our office for a test. Thereafter, if your nomination is successful, we will conduct a final interview.

Will your work shape the world?

The world we live in is afflicted with division and cynicism. Is it still possible to find hope and authenticity? We believe it’s possible and that is what drives us to excite the people within companies about the impact their work can make and convince them to stick with promises they can deliver. Many people think that innovation or branding is all about creating impressions. This false kind of marketing or packaging won’t last. Companies today need a meaningful purpose and a collaborative work environment to thrive in a more complex world. To help companies create lasting value, we go beyond marketing and delve into their organisations and customer relationships. Together with our clients, we redesign their organisations and experiences so that they will have the capacity to shape the world into a better place.

So who are we?

We are an eclectic mix of strategists and creatives that have the audacity to believe that what we do steers the world towards sustainable goodness. We choose to be involved with organisations that promote peace, believe in the virtuous cycles of sustainability and aid in poverty alleviation.  Doing no evil is not enough. Helping companies find the good within themselves is more powerful. We don’t have the answers to everything, but we have the tenacity to find them for our clients so that they can grow to become movers and shakers of our time. This tenacity has taken us across oceans to serve in amazing markets like New York, the Philippines and even Myanmar. Our clients,  who we consider partners, include government agencies, non-profit organisations, B2B brands and brands that you use everyday. We believe that honesty is the best policy, though at times it means having to lose a customer when we know a particular strategy/design will not work or when we are asked to go against our deeply held beliefs. We are happy that we have stood by our values. Our goal is to grow into a global enterprise without sacrificing our beliefs. We expect everyone that joins us to do the same.

Are you what we are looking for?

To become a Consulite is a challenge for which no college can ever prepare you. If you prefer to stick to standard procedures, this is not the place for you. If you need someone to chaperone you, this is the wrong door on which to knock. But if you are not afraid to make mistakes, believe in going the extra mile and welcome challenges bigger than yourself, you will find that your future rests with us. We have told you all about us. Now it’s your turn.

Write a 400-word essay on how you would like to shape the world with us and send it to in PDF format.

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