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Unity, Our Method for Innovation and Growth

As a firm, our contribution may be small but through every encounter, we must bring about this new concept of unity which I call ‘transformative unity.’ If we do this, then a new kind of innovation will emerge, not just the type that will win awards or attract many funds but one that is meaningful and shapes the world into a better place.

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

In order to find out more on what the stakeholders believe that this partnership and PlaceCORE could potentially achieve and what the future holds for the two companies and the communities involved, The Columnist held a conversation with 3 key executives who have and will be much involved in the formulation and implementation of the PlaceCORE design and framework processes.

The Columnist | Issue 31: Open wide the vision of your world

Today, the speed in transfer of best practices, know-how and how you appreciate talent and cultural diversity becomes critical. Companies that are able to do these things well will have the edge. In this issue, learn how you can end war at work, rethink your business model and learn from other cultures.

War at Work

Conflict at work erodes trust, commitment, and loyalty. It is the No.1 productivity killer as everyone works based on assumptions which are not accurate and it slows down corporate initiatives. It’s time to design your business to end it.

Continuing Consulus Bangladesh’s Adventure

Bangladesh is a market with unrealized potential. The return of Consulus comes at a time when Bangladeshi business leaders seek to emulate successful business models to grow globally.

A Vietnamese Strategy for an Open World

If Vietnamese companies want to compete on an equal footing as a new wave of competition appears on the horizon, then it is a matter of choice and not about the environment.

What 2016 will be for your country?

We asked some Consulites on what they thought 2016 will be for their country. From the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Colombo, there is this mixture of excitement, wariness, and a lot of hope. These views are not comprehensive and we invite you to share yours but what they provide is a glimpse of the world in 2016.

Vietnam 2016: A Year to Thrive

With the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), all eyes are set on Vietnam for the years 2016 and beyond. The Columnist invited Helena Pham, Partner at Consulus Vietnam, to share her thoughts on the prospects of her birthplace and what should be done for Vietnam to emerge as a winner.

Sunrise for Myanmar in 2016

After almost five decades of military junta rule, the year 2016 would see a momentous event with the changing hands of the government. In an interview with The Columnist, Mikael Knudsen, a Senior Consultant of Consulus who has been based in Myanmar for 2.5 years, expresses his joy at the prospect of the country’s success and also reminds about the challenges ahead and the need to progress with caution.

Time to Wake up, Singapore Lions!

As an imminent economic downturn looms over the business landscape, 2016 is expected to be no smooth sailing for Singaporean firms. In this bold interview with The Columnist, Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, holds no bars in expressing his deep concern in the way local businesses have become over-reliant and too complacent.

Awakening Thailand’s promising future in 2016

Despite being sporadically hit by political turmoil over the past decade, Mr Kuldej Sinthawanarong, Managing Partner at Consulus Jarken in Thailand, explains why Thailand still has the ability to host a thriving business landscape. In this interview with the Columnist, he also talks about the bright possibilities that await the country in 2016.

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