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The Columnist is a quarterly newsletter that promotes regional ideas and perspectives to shape a new world towards one of purpose and unity. It reaches out to about 200,000 leaders and professionals, in political, civil and business fields.


Every issue we cover the following topics:


  • Commerce – Business, organisation profile and opinion
  • Civilisation – Technology, innovation, power, social profile and opinion
  • Creativity – Design, arts and cultural profile and opinion
  • Case Study – Showcase of organisations and places seeking to make a difference from the inside-out

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Past issues

The Columnist | Issue 37 | Special Edition: 5th World Company Day

As we celebrate the 5th World Company Day with over 200 signatories today, we would like to invite you to reflect and be inspired to act on this theme “Organize for the Future Good”. Read how some signatories from Sri Lanka and Taiwan build a thriving business while making a difference to shape a better world.

The Columnist | Issue 36 | A New Age of Consultancy

In this issue, we invite you to read about this new breed of consultant; a PurposeCORE case study on how a trusted supplier of 30 years moved up the value chain; and an interview with a man pursuing a big dream for Sarawak – Dato Chris Chung, Group CEO of Saradise Sdn Bhd.

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