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The Columnist is a quarterly newsletter that promotes regional ideas and perspectives to shape a new Asia. It reaches out to CEOs, political, civil and business leaders in over 30 countries in the region.

Every issue we cover the following topics:

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  • Case Study – Showcase of organisations seeking to make a difference from the inside-out

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The Columnist | Issue 34 | 2017: Time for Solutions, Not Rhetoric

2016 has proven to be a year of seismic changes: Donald Trump’s historic win and Brexit were the most unimaginable events. What this mean is, we need to prepare ourselves to be ready for change and learn how to lead it in 2017. In this issue, read about the 4 principles for effective change in business and learn how to see things in unity with others so as to see the future with new eyes.

The DNA of Companies: Designed for Good

The idea that corporate social responsibility is considered exceptional and not the norm is the scandal of our times. We should not have to give an award to a company that is seeking to do good, it is in their DNA and should be the standard.

World Cities Summit: Unity for Liveable and Sustainable Cities

The Columnist talks to Mr. Larry Ng, currently serving as Managing Director of World Cities Summit, and Group Director (Architecture & Urban Design Excellence) at Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Singapore to find out more about the current pressing urban issues and what should be done to make cities more liveable and sustainable.

Unity, Our Method for Innovation and Growth

As a firm, our contribution may be small but through every encounter, we must bring about this new concept of unity which I call ‘transformative unity.’ If we do this, then a new kind of innovation will emerge, not just the type that will win awards or attract many funds but one that is meaningful and shapes the world into a better place.

A conversation about PlaceCORE with Chee Yung, Karthik Karkal and Helena Pham

In order to find out more on what the stakeholders believe that this partnership and PlaceCORE could potentially achieve and what the future holds for the two companies and the communities involved, The Columnist held a conversation with 3 key executives who have and will be much involved in the formulation and implementation of the PlaceCORE design and framework processes.

The Columnist | Issue 31: Open wide the vision of your world

Today, the speed in transfer of best practices, know-how and how you appreciate talent and cultural diversity becomes critical. Companies that are able to do these things well will have the edge. In this issue, learn how you can end war at work, rethink your business model and learn from other cultures.

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