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The Columnist is a quarterly online news channel that promotes global ideas and perspectives to shape a united world towards one of purpose and unity. It reaches out to about 300,000 leaders and professionals, in political, civil and business fields.  Personalities and institutions who have been featured here include: Mr Masaaki Kanai, President of MUJI, Religions for PeaceMr Paul Finch, Program director of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), Project Syndicate. 


Every issue we cover the following topics:


  • Commerce – Business, organisation profile and opinion
  • Civilisation – Technology, innovation, power, social profile and opinion
  • Creativity – Design, arts and cultural profile and opinion
  • Case Study – Showcase of organisations and places seeking to make a difference from the inside-out

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Past issues

The Columnist | Issue 41 | Special Edition: 6th World Company Day

A growing movement of enlightened customers and working professionals are holding brands accountable for how they are shaping a better world through daily work. We are seeing the end of token corporate social responsibility and a move towards a holistic approach to...

The Columnist | Issue 40 | June 2018 | Consulus 14th Anniversary: Multiplicity

In this issue, we invite you to read about how we work to change the rules of the economic system to prevent future victims, the official announcement about our newly elected Chairman of the Global Network, the launch of Brazilian 4.0 – a future-ready programme to help enterprises and individuals in Brazil, and the upcoming Shape The World Conference 2018 organised by CPG Consultants and Consulus in Singapore this July at the National Design Centre.

The Columnist | Issue 39: Seeking Leaders of Unity in an Age of Disruption

This new age of Industry 4.0 with its complex set of challenges will need leaders who know how to work with others to create new solutions. In order to address this need, Consulus is pleased to launch LeadershipCORE™ – a new executive leadership development program in partnership with Sophia University Institute to shape a new generation of leaders. This quarter also marks a significant milestone in our 14 years as we welcome three countries to our global network: Laos, Malaysia and the United States of America.

All articles

Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on Business, Strategies for Companies

The talk by Dr Paolo Frizzi on the larger global context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and to further present what we learned at Consulus: that is, how businesses today are becoming extraordinary places where change can be developed and applied. From this point of advantage, business leaders can have a direct role to positively affect this economic shift, in a way, never before experienced in this scale.

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