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Who says B2B brands have to be invisible?

More than a strong sales team

In business-to-business (B2B) transactions, the challenge is that too often it’s about personal relationships. For big-ticket B2B purchasing decisions, the customer prefers to deal with someone they trust.

However, customer relationships need to be based on the brand rather than formed with specific people. The inside-out approach means that every single interaction with the customer, from business development to implementation, becomes an opportunity to build your brand.

Don’t get trapped in price war

Without branding, you are always just fighting on price. Harness the strength of your staff to evolve into a brand that both insiders and outsiders can embrace. We can help you discover the differentiation that your committed customers see in your organisation.

Capturing realistic insights from your customers on what sets your brand apart will help you find more engaging ways to communicate with them. When you stand for a meaningful difference, you stand out from the rest.implementation, becomes an opportunity to build your brand.

The organisational review by Consulus helped us improve our company structure and brought about a mindset shift. The new visual identity with the green panache helped clients associate Fast Flow as a leading green innovator in rainwater and drainage management. The rebranding exercise has definitely given us a new look as well as a new perspective.

Colin Thoms

Managing Director, Fast Flow

The strong sense of determination to see through each project regardless of the challenges faced was ingrained in the way of life for Cyclect’s senior staff. The research on their internal culture unearthed recounts of projects with extremely difficult requirements that Cyclect had managed to successfully complete. This culture was reflected in their Brand Purpose.

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PurposeCORE for B2B product sheet

  • Holistic business review, with recommendations on your business model and future opportunities
  • Strategic workshop with key management for leadership alignment
  • Proposed strategic roadmap, based on renewed strategic focus
  • Proposed visual identity, based on clarified business purpose
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