How to prepare your leadership team for Industry 4.0 challenges?

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A 4-day leadership experience that is the first to combine business and creative approaches from the premise of unity.

It starts by helping leaders see their business model with new eyes.

It seeks to strengthen relationships so as to shape a multi-disciplinary form of strategic thinking.

Conducted in picturesque Tuscany, Italy in Sophia University Institute, the unique campus inspired by the principle of unity.

* This is a global programme conducted in partnership with Sophia University Institute, an institution committed to shaping future leaders of unity.

What leaders will get


Leadership and relationship review and a customized training programme


Experiential workshops to shape new thinking


Facilitation of Workshop by a mix of professionals and professors from different disciplines


Doing creative activities together to nurture thinking different and unity 

Purpose of Alchemy™ Leadership Programme

Alchemy™ leadership programme was designed and implemented since 2011 to deal with three challenges at the management level:

  1. The need for a new type of unity for innovation
  2. Seeking a vision for the future
  3. How to create a shared method to shape the future of the business

The Alchemy Programme can be conducted in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The common issue with the middle management is that they only care about their own job scope without looking at the big picture and their relationship with their colleagues. The Leadership Alchemy Programme by Consulus helped middle management understand what is the desired knowledge, working attitude and behaviours needed to become Systech’s leaders. Ms Phan Chau Hue

Accounting Manager, Systech

What are we doing over there?

Day 1: See


Through a creative exercise whose aim is to help candidates see the business with new eyes to trigger provocative discussions.


An out-of-classroom session is conducted to use a non-business related activity but still linked to seeing with new eyes. It is designed for senior and mid-level executives to have chance to talk and think different

In addition to input from the management, trainers from Consulus and Sophia will present global perspectives to help underline the importance of seeing with new eyes.

Day 2: Relate


A creative exercise designed to help participants see the value of each other and to understand effects of trust and culture in business.


There will be an activity out of the classroom which requires teamwork where senior and middle management have to mix to complete a task.

In addition to input from management, a relevant experience from another business/dicipline will share the effects of unity and trust and how it helps transform performance.

Day 3: Build


A creative exercise to help candidates understand more about redesigning business models and the evolving role of the business today.


Consulus will present a business model development workshop to engage candidates in the rigour of thinking different and decision-making in an age of disruption.

This is an exercise of fusing different perspectives and how to shape a new business approach in a time of disruption.

Day 4: Purpose


A creative exercise to enable each candidate to take a walk and write down their personal thoughts of the business and the impact the business has on society and the world.


The exercise will be about developing a collective experience in taking the business forward and the kind of innovation it needs to adapt to thrive.

This is a launch pad moment for the 4-days exercise and is aimed at drawing out the creative energy of the candidates to shape the future of the business.

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