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We are a global innovation consultancy that specializes in helping companies and cities unite, transform and innovate to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. Since 2004, Consulites around the world have helped shape a better world by enabling purpose-driven companies and places.

UNIFY Methodology

A systemic method for business design that combines the principles of business, organization and design. This innovative and data-driven solution has been applied in companies throughout the world since 2004.

No. of employees at the client side shaped by this methodology

Cumulative Revenue Impact after implementation since 2004 - USD$5.9 Billion

No. of countries where the method has been applied


The world’s first 3-in-1 business transformation solution covering business, human resource and design. This systemic approach helps companies in diverse industries transform by defining a new strategic purpose, unify the organization before creating new product and service experiences for new growth.


Catalyse your place economy through a transdisciplinary solution encompassing urban planning, architecture, landscaping, business, organisational and brand strategies. This is an innovative solution for a new township, city or a region in transition.

A   J O I N T   I N I T I A T I V E   B Y


DigitalCORE™ is about implementing a balanced approach with a preference for the role of persons and help companies transform and thrive in the digital economy 

The organisational review by Consulus helped us improve our company structure and brought about a mindset shift. It gave us the impetus to focus on doing only the essential things. Colin Thoms

Managing Director, Fast Flow

The concept of an open and holistic experience in the CSC (Customer Service Centre) was introduced and implemented by Consulus. The atmosphere in the room, despite the physical constraints, is remarkable and felt immediately by our customers. Peter Kneipp


Consulus was always there to provide all the support that we needed. It was not just a client relationship; it was more of a partnership. Javed Ahmed

Managing Director, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam

Thought Leadership

Ideas for a New World

The disruption of Industry 4.0 and why a unified approach is needed

The future means: 1) the development of holistic business cultures 2) the multiplication of collaborative partnerships and business networks among companies; 3) the transformation of companies in areas of research, training and education.

Think Different

In a more complex world, A 360 design-led approach to generating growth will be more effective than the typical business management method.  

War at Work

How to design your culture to end it so as to stem the loss of talent and productivity?

ປະ​ເທດ​ລາວ ​​ໄດ້​ເປັນປະ​ເທດທີ່ 12 ເຂົ້າ​ຮ່ວມ​ ຄອນ​ຊູ​ລັດ ​ເຊື່ອມ​ໂຍງ ​ສາກ​ົນ

ທີ່ ສິງກະ ໂປ, ວັນ ທີ 14 ກຸມພາ 2018 ຄອນ ຊູ ລັດ ໄດ້ ສືບ ຕໍ່ ຄວາມ ຕັ້ງ ໃ ຈ ໃນ ການ ສ້າງ ຄວາມ ເຕີບ ໃຫຍ່ ໃນ ຂົງ ເຂດ ປະ ເທດ ອາ ຊຽນ ແລະ ເພື່ອ ກຽມພ້ອມ ສຳລັບ ປະ ເທດ ລາວ. ມື້ ນີ້, ທາງ ບໍລິສັດ ໄດ້ ປະກາດ ແຕ່ງ ຕັ້ງ  ທ່ານ ນາງ ສິນ ດາ ວັນ ມະນີ ວົງ ເປັນ ຜ ຸ້ອຳນວຍ ການ ຄອນ ຊູ ລັດ ປະຈຳ ປະ...

The Future of Work– Still to Be Written

Of late, I have read a lot about the future of work and much of it foretells doom and gloom scenarios related to the disastrous impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it progressively moves from assisting humans, to augmenting humans, to autonomously taking over...

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Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on Business, Strategies for Companies

The talk by Dr Paolo Frizzi on the larger global context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and to further present what we learned at Consulus: that is, how businesses today are becoming extraordinary places where change can be developed and applied. From this point of advantage, business leaders can have a direct role to positively affect this economic shift, in a way, never before experienced in this scale.



大埔合作社: 延续先人的酿造智慧


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The Consulus Story and Methodology

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