We redesign organisational models to enable them to become better hosts of innovation and ideas so as to shape the world.

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We help organisations design new experiences to gain a strategic advantage

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We help companies create lasting moments to ensure brand loyalty

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Consulus is a global innovation and design consultancy with business management and multi-disciplinary creative capabilities. We help companies redesign their organisational models and experiences so as to achieve higher growth and influence. Since 2004, our ideas and solutions have been applied across diverse industries and situations in more than 18 cities. 

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Phỏng vấn với Hồng Lam về Tinh hoa quà Việt

The Columnist có dịp trao đổi với Ông Nguyễn Hồng Lam, Sáng lập viên, Tổng giám đốc công ty cổ phần Hồng Lam về tinh thần ham học hỏi và tư duy đổi mới của ông đằng sau các phương pháp ứng dụng thông minh các tiên tiến của thế giới vào hệ thống của mình, từ quản trị tới sản xuất vận hành.

Frost The Trail: running for the community as a community

Frost & Sullivan Coporate Challenge or ‘Frost the Trail’ as it is popularly known will be holding it’s 10th edition in 2015. This event encourages the corporate sector to unite for worthy causes as well as to build stronger ties within the business community. The Columnist had the opportunity to talk with a representative of Frost & Sullivan about why the event is important for the community.

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